Pipe Eye Video CCTV Inspections

Pipe-Eye Video Inspections and Services Ltd., uses digitally formatted video inspection reporting equipment and has capabilities to inspect pipe from two inches in diameter and larger. Our picture quality is exceptional and with our custom software, our reports can be customized to our clients needs.

Our cameras pan, tilt and zoom (PTZ) to provide a 360 degree view of your pipe to inspect any defect at any angle. We can also get a close up view with an 18x optical zoom at any angle to analyze defects in the pipe.

After locating problems underground, we are able to pinpoint the problem above ground using our electronic locating equipment to provide accurate excavation positioning for repairs. Our combination flush trucks can hydro-excavate around pipelines and other objects, using high pressure water and high volume vacuum, to ensure there is no damage to the existing infrastructure.

Our reports will document everything found in the pipeline in accordance with WRC guidelines, whether it be defects, service connections, or critters!  If required, we are able to take still-frame snapshots which are provided in a hard copy.

Video inspection reports include DVDs with MPEG captured footage of your pipeline, along with hard copy reports with a written outline of what was found. Everything is organized in a neat binder and is yours to keep for your records. We are able to provide these written reports in a number of different formats, and if you don’t know what exactly you require just ask our knowledgeable staff and we will find out for you!