Pipe Eye Hydro-Vac Soil Excavation

Hydro-excavating or “day lighting” is used more & more frequently by contractors to expose and inspect underground infrastructure before excavating.

This is a safe and efficient way to expose the desired infrastructure without disturbing any other dangerous or fragile components in the surrounding area such as hydro, telephone or gas lines.

Older plans and drawings of existing line infrastructure are not always correct and can, at times, lead to complications if exposed by hand.


  • Excellent for excavations around dangerous areas such as gas, hydro and telephone lines.
  • Ideal for excavations around confined areas such as between hydro poles and along side of buildings.
  • Ideal for excavations around and inside underground tanks such as old and new oil and gas tanks.
  • Excellent for removing gravel from oil separators. Equipped with a bypass pump of 800 gpm.
  • Removal of contaminated soil from old gas stations.
  • Removal of soil for testing purposes.
  • Digging of fence posts and footing holes.