Pipeline Locating & Inclination Readings

Experiencing problems with a storm or sanitary service on your property but not sure where exactly it is? Pipe Eye Video Inspections has equipment to help you. Our inspection units are equipped with three state of the art locating devices as well as standard metal detectors, in case we are required to search for manhole covers and access points.

Pipe Eye Video utilizes Prototek LineFinder 2000 receivers that operate with any 512 Hz sondes. We simply attach the sonde to our camera equipment and trace the line above ground using a hand held receiver.  A clear clicking sound provides intuitive feedback on signal strength – the faster the click, the stronger the signal. Clear LCD screens (with automatic backlight compensation) guides the operator through the steps critical to locating the line with accurate position as well as precise depth information.

Pipe Eye’s latest camera equipment addition, the IBAK Orion Camera and KRA 65 crawler, incorporates a 33 Hz locating sonde. There is no additional attachment necessary with this piece of equipment. Using an EASYLOC Rx Standard Locator we are able to pick up the locating signal from the crawler as it is traversing the pipelines.

The IBAK KRA 65 is also equipped with and inclination data sensor.