Pumping & Water Intake Maintenance

Vancouver Island provides an ideal environment for the marine fishery and aquaculture industry including numerous shellfish and fish farms, hatcheries, and research facilities.

Many, if not all, of these enterprises incorporate salt water supply / intake lines running from the ocean to their facility. In addition, some remote resorts have desalination systems that allow them to change their salt water into usable fresh water.

Due to the volume of flow in these lines, small sea life such as mussels and barnacles often build up inside these lines and cause a reduced flow or even a blockage. 

Pipe Eye Video’s combination cleaning trucks are great for this application. Our root cutting tools can also be used in this type environment. Round saws or tri-blade knives are powered by the high pressure water supplied by our combination flush trucks.

These devices spin inside the congested pipe line breaking away barnacles and other sea growth as they move down the line. Pipe Eye has many clients of this nature up and down Vancouver Island that rely on us to help them keep a constant supply of water to their establishments.