Pipe Line Root Cutting Services

Vancouver Island is situated in what is considered to be a rainforest, complete with old growth forests and many different kinds of tress and dense undergrowth.

The underground root systems of these trees grow into the earth in search of water. When the water table is low, the only accessible liquid for these roots is often in storm and sanitary lines.

It is very common for tree and plant roots to break into sealed storm and sanitary systems through joints and other infiltration points in search of water.

Pipe Eye Video has, over the years, compiled an array of root cutting equipment that is employed to remove root infiltrations.

Root infiltrations will cause serious problems such as leakage of effluent into the ground, as well as blockages and clogs. If perimeter drains are infiltrated with roots, the water from your roof drains and gutters will not drain properly away from your home.

This excess water will pool around your house or in low lying areas and causing flooding. Blockages caused by roots in sanitary systems can lead to sewer back ups and other messy problems.

With our state of the art equipment we are able to cut & clear away problem roots in pipe lines ranging in diameter from 3 inch to 5 feet. Please visit our gallery and view our equipment for yourself!