Pipe Eye - Sanitary Sewer Line Maintenance

All sanitary sewer systems need to be maintained, whether it be low flow or high volume, these lines carry grease and soap that will eventually build up. Roots love sanitary sewer lines! When all other watercourses run dry, sewer lines always have liquid in them. If the sewer system is not maintained, there could be very costly environmental, residential, and commercial damage.

  • Infiltration and Inspection Studies (I & I Studies) are becoming more common, simply because of the high cost of sewage treatment at our regional and municipal sewer treatment facilities.

    The added expense is due to ground water infiltrating into sealed sanitary sewer systems. When this additional water seeps into the sewer system it increases the volume of material that is treated at our sewage treatment plants.

    Pipe-Eye Video has done extensive infiltration and inspection studies with many engineering firms, municipalities and regional districts on Vancouver Island to assist in locating areas of infiltration so they can be repaired.
  • Cross connections are also a great concern with regard to aging sanitary and storm systems. A cross connection refers to a situation where a sanitary sewer line and a storm drain line have, some how, become swapped, or crossed, before reaching their respective main transfer lines.

    Sanitary sewer lines carry sink, shower, and toilet waste-water from a building through a services line that empties into a main sanitary sewer line. Storm drain lines take the water from roof drains and perimeter drains through a service line that empties into a storm sewer main line. These two systems should exist entirely separate from one and other.

    Cross Connections negatively impact our sewer treatment systems as well as allow harmful sanitary effluent into environmentally sensitive water ways.

Pipe Eye can help locate cross connection problems using procedures like smoke and dye testing. Visit our Infiltration Inspection Studies Page for more information.