Septic and Holding Tank Cleaning, Surface Well Vactoring, Sump & Pit Cleanout

There are many private residences and establishments throughout Vancouver Island that are not connected to municipal or regional sewer systems. This results in septic tanks and fields requiring maintenance. In addition there are numerous other residential areas that are not connected to municipal water systems, resulting in the use of water wells and even cistern tanks.

Pipe Eye Video Inspections has the means to help maintain these kinds of sanitary and water systems as well.

Over time, sediment infiltrates into wells and builds up on the bottom. This causes the bottom to essentially get closer and closer to the pump. Pipe Eye’s combination trucks are able to suck up this kind of sediment 40 feet (approx) to the surface.

This process will not allow any sediment to get into the pump and at the same time, will increase the size of the reservoir in the bottom of the well. Water cisterns are another type of tank Pipe Eye cleans regularly for certain customers. All Pipe Eye Video employees are confined space entree trained and we own all of own confined space equipment.

Wash down bays, where you clean your car or truck, have sump pits to stop the dirt & grease from getting into the environment. Pipe Eye has on going maintenance programs for many truck shop wash-down bays as well as regular Car Washes.

Parking areas at restaurants, shopping malls & other gathering areas have oil separators to stop oil residue from getting into the environment through storm infrastructure. Pipe Eye also has a hand in maintaining many of these areas throughout Vancouver Island.

As an owner of an oil separator tank, or sump pit it is your responsibility to keep these clean & in working order so they don’t impact our environment in a negative way.